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Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the leading corporate email platform worldwide. DomainPeople helps companies achieve their messaging goals by combining our service platform, with Microsoft enterprise software for unbeatable performance, flexibility, and availability.

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SiteMail Xchange

Manage emails, social, calendars, contacts, tasks, and files in one consolidated interface with DomainPeople's advanced communication and collaboration solution. Embrace the convenience of uniting your entire digital life.

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Every time you register a domain name, your personal contact information is available online for anyone to see, including spammers, identity thieves, or telemarketers. Protect yourself and your domain name and et private domain name registration through DomainPeople.

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Protect your domains from unauthorized transfers, contact and ownership changes, and DNS high-jacking with DomainPeople's DomainGuard security service. With DomainGuard, you have the final say in any changes to your domain name's status quo.

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Auto Renewal

Auto Renew is a free, no hassle service that prevents domain name registrations and other services in your account from a possible loss of service, and potential deletion if you accidentally forget to renew services. Auto Renew provides you with peace of mind knowing your domain registrations and other services are securely renewed year after year. The service can be activated or deactivated at anytime.