.NAME Domains

Who can register a .NAME domain?

.NAME is designed exclusively for individuals. Any person can register a .NAME domain.

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Are there any restrictions?

A .NAME can be:

  • your personal name
  • the name of a fictional character for which you hold the trademark or service mark.
  • your personal name with additional characters (for example, john2002.doe.NAME).

A .NAME must:

  • have at least 3 characters and no more than 63 characters plus the .NAME extension.
  • use only letters, numbers or hyphen ("-") Please Note: domains cannot begin or end with a hyphen.

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What will my web address look like?

The hypothetical Jennifer Smith could register some variation of her name and use it as her e-mail and web address.


Domain Name E-mail Web Address
jennifersmith.NAME Jen@Jennifersmith.NAME www.jennifersmith.NAME
jensmith.NAME Jennifer@Jensmith.NAME www.jensmith.NAME
jsmith.NAME Jennifer@Jsmith.NAME www.jsmith.NAME
smithjennifer.NAME Jen@Smithjennifer.NAME www.smith.jennifer.NAME

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Will DomainPeople still offer 3rd level .NAME services?

We will no longer offer 3rd level .NAME registrations (i.e. first.last.NAME), but we will continue to support these domains and related services for customers who have previously registered at the 3rd level.

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How do I change the e-mail forwarding recipient for my .NAME e-mail address?

Login to the account manager, select additional services, followed by e-mail forwarding and mail control panel to re-direct mail sent to your .NAME address to an existing e-mail account.

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How long can I register my .NAME domain for?

A .NAME domain may be registered for a minimum of two and a maximum of ten years.

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What additional services do I get with my .NAME domain registration?

If your domain is successfully registered, you'll receive a free web page, free e-mail forwarding, free domain forwarding, and DNS customization.

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Who operates the .NAME registry?

The .NAME registry is operated by the Global Name Registry. It is located at http://www.gnr.COM

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